5 Ways To Delay The Effects Of Old Age

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Let’s Age Like Tom Cruise!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really beginning to notice a lot of the big name stars are aging pretty darn well. In fact, I’ve seen Tom Cruise on TV quite a bit lately, and people are really starting to notice that for a 50-year-old man, he still looks like he’s in fantastic shape. To me, he can still easily pass for a man in his late 30s or early 40s. And it’s not just Tom Cruise, either. In general, it would seem that people are living longer, healthier, and stronger as we continue further into the 21st century.

Personally, I’m okay with getting older. Hey, if I have a few grey hairs in my hair or beard right now, that’s fine. I can deal with that. What I don’t enjoy is feeling like I’m stiff and sore when I get out of bed in the morning. I’m also not crazy about having lower energy levels than I had at a younger age.

Five Strategies That Are Working For Me

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really been working hard at regaining the energy I had as a younger man. I’ve been exercising more, eating better, and just focused on taking a more proactive approach to my overall health and fitness.

I have found these five strategies extremely helpful in turning a few years back on my body clock.

  1. Move a lot of air. Be sure to push yourself in the cardio area 2-3 times a week. You can bike, run, or use traditional fitness center equipment. Get hot, sweaty, and breathe really hard for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Pump some iron. In order to have a strong body, you need to be on a regular strength training regimen of 2-3 times a week. The loss of muscle mass is one of the big issues related to aging. Fight it.
  3. Eat and drink the right stuff. Eat some greens. Vegetables, not fruit are probably the better overall approach to a healthy diet. This is due to blood sugar spikes and drops. Decent portions of protein are needed for strength, especially if you’re exercising regularly. Eat carbs in light moderation. Drink lots of water and tea. Avoid soda and other sugary drinks.
  4. Rock it in the bedroom. Meaning: have a lot of intimate relations with your spouse, regularly! If you focus some time and energy on the first three, your desire is going to grow too. Do you want to feel like a guy (or gal) in your 20s and 30s? This is a great way to do it (no pun intended).
  5. Laugh at yourself. As I get older, I’ve just stopped taking myself as seriously as I did when I was younger. I laugh more. I enjoy life at a different, deeper level. This leads to less stress and greater relaxation. Less stress means better health and aging.

How Are You Aging?

So, how are you aging? Do you feel like you’re aging faster than desired? Or, do you feel like you have successfully slowed the process?

Are you proactively working at turning back your biological age? Do you use any of these approaches? Do you have some additional tips that you have found valuable? Feel free to share your tips and secrets with us.

How To Experience A Personal Rebirth And Become A Better Person

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Renaissance Means “Rebirth”

The Renaissance time period is often viewed as a bridge from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era. The Middle Ages experienced a tremendous amount of political upheaval, deadly plagues, the heavy-handed rule of the Roman Catholic Church, and overall general chaos. As the European continent slowly emerged from the late Middle Ages, “new” ideas in literature, music, art, technology, and politics began to surface.

Historians generally credit the time period spanning the 14th through the 17th centuries as the Renaissance. The term “renaissance” means rebirth. It was out of a difficult period in human history that a cultural and intellectual transformation took place.

Problems Can Change People

When people encounter difficulties, it often causes them to pause and think. They think about causation. They consider solutions. They attempt to determine if they are part (or all) of the problem in the first place.

I know this happened in my own personal life. Around age 39-40, the wheels of my life came flying off. My  family was ripped apart, and I was handed a divorce I didn’t want. I experienced pain and anguish that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

But, with the help of close friends and a great personal counselor, I embraced the pain. I took a long, hard look at myself and my part in my failure. I vowed to myself that I would never go through something like that again. This was definitely not the vision or desire of my life.

Something had to change. I needed to change.

I allowed the difficulties of life to transform me into the person that I wanted to become. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I allowed Him to shape me into the kind of person He wants me to be.

And because of such intense pain, I experienced an amazing rebirth on the other side of the difficulty.

Have You Experienced A Rebirth?

How about you? Have you gone through a recent difficulty? Maybe a divorce, death, job loss, financial hardship, or illness?

I don’t know what has happened in your unique situation. I would just encourage you to get help. Talk out your problems with a friend. Seek out the assistance of a professional counselor. Unpack your baggage. Then, after you’ve made it through the grief process, embrace your challenges. Own them like you’ve never owned them before. And, finally, allow the entire process to transform you. Experience rebirth in your life at every level.

Do you have a life challenge and rebirth story to share?