3 Universal Laws That Every Teen Should Understand Before Graduation

Photo by Jason.Low

Photo by Jason.Low

We Are Governed By Universal Laws

I’m a big believer that God at the time of creation established certain laws that govern our universe. In science classes, you probably learned a few of the scientific ones when you were a kid growing up. The Law of Thermodynamics, The Law of Conservation, and the Law of Gravity are the first three that come to mind as I write this post.

While these scientific laws are certainly important, these are not the laws I’m referring to that teens should know and understand. I’m thinking more down to earth, more real-life application.

The following three laws are vitally important for all of us to comprehend and act upon in order to be successful long-term in our lives.

3 Laws Every Teen Should Learn And Love

  1. The Law of Attraction. I definitely do not want to get “New Agey” on you, because that’s not what I’m about. But, I do think there is much truth to the Law of Attraction: whatever you focus on, you attract. So, for example, if your teenager begins focusing on achieving good grades, chances are they are going to get good grades. If they focus on becoming a great drumline player in marching band, again chances are that they will become a great drummer. Whatever you spend time, energy, and focus on, you become. You attract that into your life.
  2. The Law of Compound Interest. Compound interest has long been considered one of the great miracles of economics. Even physicist Albert Einstein described it as the most powerful force in our society. The Law of Compound Interest states that investing your money carefully and allowing it to grow at a decent rate of return (compound interest) will eventually make you wealthy over time. If teenagers learned and truly comprehended this law at an early age, then there really shouldn’t be any excuses for people here in the United States to retire broke and living on Alpo.
  3. The Law of the Harvest. This law states “what you sow, you will reap.” Many times, we view this law in a negative context. “If I keep eating a whole bag of potato chips every day, then I’m going to get fat.” Or, “if I’m mean and hateful to those around me, then I won’t have any close friends.” While these negative statements may be true, the Law of the Harvest can be extremely empowering in a positive light. This is especially true within the context of awesome daily rituals. For example:
    • If I eat healthy food and exercise daily, then I have a greater probability in living a long, healthy, fulfilling life.
    • If I spend daily quiet time reading my Bible and in prayer, then I will grow in my relationship with my Lord.
    • If I write 500 words each day, then I can build a quality blog.

Sowing and reaping works in a positive context just as well as a negative one. My advice would be to focus on the more positive sowing events in order to reap more positive outcomes in your life!

Question: What do you think about these specific 3 Laws that teenagers should understand before graduation? Good list or bad list? What universal laws would you put on the list for your own teenage son or daughter to fully comprehend before they graduate from high school?

4 thoughts on “3 Universal Laws That Every Teen Should Understand Before Graduation

  1. Spending quaility time with the Lord will change your life! Some of us hard heads take a few years to get this. In the Marine Corp we are taught that we can do whatever we want, but be prepared to pay for what we do. Some biblical grounding I guess. Finally on a letter I read on a wall at an explosives lab that there is nothing energetic materials cannot fix. Deep!

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