3 Ways To Always Be On Top Of Your Game

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The President Blows It

Last week, many people were just in plain shock as President Obama got his clock cleaned by Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate. He acted like he wasn’t engaged or even present in the room. Here’s a man who has been elevated to the position of the world’s smartest politician, and he acted as though he didn’t even really want to be there.

After that horrific performance, the excuses started rolling in. “Oh, the President had difficulty because of the elevation of Denver and the thin air.” “He’s been busy doing his job and didn’t have time to prepare properly for the debate.” “Mitt Romney just totally caught Obama off guard and he had a bad night.” And, it actually got worse than this when the President accused his opponent of lying in order to mitigate his horrible performance.

Mr. Obama just needed to “man up” and admit that he had a horrible first debate. But I digress.

Professionals Always Show Up And Perform At A High Level

The more disturbing part of the first presidential debate is that from a professional point of view, the President didn’t even act like a professional politician. He seemed totally unprepared for the first debate.

We expect professionals to show up and perform. We assume those who are in professional positions will do their job. We presume they will work hard at what they do. We anticipate that they will prepare in advance and then do their very best work when it’s “performance time.”

This is who a professional is. This is what a professional does. A professional shows up. He is engaged. He is prepared. He confidently executes his work.

And, the professional not only does this when he’s on top of his game and feeling great, but also when he feels lousy. When he’s under the weather or has a bad day, he can set aside any discomfort or distractions and still perform with excellence.

Suck it up, buddy. Do your best work no matter what. This is the very essence, the very definition of what it means to be a professional.

3 Ways To Always Be On Top Of Your Game

  1. Be Fully Present. In today’s world this is getting more and more difficult. We have so many distractions that surround us. Focus your energy on being fully engaged, fully present in whatever you do. Don’t let the distractions knock you off your game. Shut out all the extra stuff and focus on your very best work.
  2. Be Prepared. Preparation is key. This is the very essence of professionalism. Spend the majority of your time working hard at preparing yourself to be excellent at what you do!
  3. Be Confident. If you show up properly prepared, then you will be confident. These two points go hand in hand. So, if you’ve prepared adequately, then just relax. Be confident that you know what you’re doing. People are attracted to confidence.

As a professional, do your very best work, at a high level, no matter the circumstances.

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