5 Thought Leaders I’m Investing Time In 2013

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The Fire Hose Of Information

In today’s highly connected, “always on” world, it’s so easy to get overloaded by information. There are a lot of great people creating a lot of great information content right now, and it’s easy to get distracted by everyone’s awesome ideas.

I’ve been so distracted lately with a lot of great thought leaders, a lot of great blogs, and a lot of great books, that I don’t feel like I’m really processing anything. I’m creating a long reading list in Safari of websites I want to come back and visit. I’m saving a lot of sample books in my Kindle app that I want to come back to, purchase, and then read. I’m downloading a bunch of free ebooks to go back and read at some point. I’m filling up my iPhone5 with a lot of great podcasts I want to come back and listen to at a future date.

As we prepare to enter a New Year, I’m finding myself trying to figure out a way to focus on this avalanche of great information that I’m compiling. I’m asking myself questions concerning how I can grow exponentially in 2013, and the answers keep leading me back to vision and focus.

5 Thought Leaders I Plan On Focusing Time And Energy On In 2013

So, as we come to the close of 2012, my plan now in 2013 is to focus any available reading and learning time on the following 5 thought leaders over the next year:

  1. Simon Sinek. Simon is one of my new favorite thought leaders. I stumbled across his TED talk several months ago on YouTube. His talk is regarding the Power of WHY, which he calls “The Golden Circle.” I’m also currently reading his book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. If you’re a leader of people at any level, I recommend watching his TED talk video and reading this book. Excellent stuff!
  2. Pat Flynn. I found out about Pat via Michael Hyatt. I believe Michael was discussing podcasters he follows. So, I started listening to Pat’s podcast and became an instant fan. Pat has some really interesting information and advice regarding passive income. He also interviews some really cool guests on his podcast. I plan on digging deeper into his content and getting better at the passive income way of life in 2013.
  3. Robin Sharma. I can’t remember how I learned about Robin. I believe I ran across him via a link to another link on someone’s website (you know how that goes!). In any case, there’s something about Robin Sharma’s message that I’m drawn to. We have many of the same thoughts and processes. His life vision resonates with me in a powerful way. I definitely plan on reading 2-3 of his books in the next year.
  4. Michael Hyatt. My brother first turned me onto Michael a few years ago because of my passion for blogging, and I’ve been following him ever since. In fact, this new blog is completely a result of reading his Platform book as well as watching this great screencast video that he produced about setting up a WordPress blog.
  5. Tim Ferriss. Like Michael Hyatt, my brother was the one who introduced me to blogger Tim Ferriss and his “crazy” first book The 4-Hour Workweek. Since then, I’ve been a regular reader of his blog. I’ve also read and applied many of the principles from his book The 4-Hour Body. I plan on getting The 4-Hour Chef in a few weeks as well.

Who Inspires You?

Do you follow a specific group of thought leaders? Do you change-up that list from time to time, or does it stay pretty consistent? Who do you follow? Who has the best ideas that you like to incorporate into your life?

Leave a comment below. Share with the community. Thanks!

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