5 Ways To Be a Class Act Who Gets Noticed In A Crowd

Photo by Steven Depolo

Photo by Steven Depolo

The Great Divide

I work with a lot of different people. I work with ministry volunteers, I work with church staff. I even work with a few volunteers and organizational people outside of the church world. I work with busy professionals. I work with retired people. Old, young, busy, healthy, or maybe even sick. I’m sure we all have dealings with a wide variety of people.

Not all these people are on an “equal” level, though, in their respective ministries or organizations. There is often a great divide between those who are just part of the crowd and going with the flow, and those who stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The people who always stand out in mind are those who have special, unique qualities. Here’s a listing on my top five ways to stand out in any crowd of people and get noticed.

5 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

  1. Be early. When I first typed this, I wrote “Be on time,” but honestly being on time should be the minimum standard. The sad reality is that not very many people are even on time to their commitments. At the very least, we should all be on time to appointments and activities. Being early is what can set you apart from everybody else. And, being early can even score you some face time with leaders.
  2. Keep your word. Communicate. Be dependable. Our culture is becoming increasingly more and more convenience oriented. People will tell you one thing on one day, and then change their mind a few days later completely based on what is convenient for them in that moment on that particular day. Keeping your word, though, doesn’t depend on convenience. It depends on character. Be a man or woman of character, not convenience.
  3. Be prepared and do your best work. If you want to be noticed in the crowd of people and even within crowds of other leaders, then you must show up prepared. You need to know any and all material backwards and forward. You need to research. You need to study. You need to practice. Throw yourself into your preparation 100%. Give it your all. You’ll stand out because most people just go halfway.
  4. Have a great attitude. While you’re showing up early, keeping your word, and being prepared, come in with a great attitude. If you need to “fake it until you become it” then so be it. People are attracted to positive attitudes, not negative ones.
  5. Be proactive. Look around. Look ahead. Are there possible problems that can and should be addressed sooner rather than later? Can you be part of the solution? Express your concerns, then offer great solutions that work.

Questions: So, do you think you stand out in a crowd? Are you early to your commitments? Do you keep your commitments, even when it’s inconvenient to do so? Do you show up prepared and do awesome work? Do you have a great attitude? And finally, are you proactive at offering amazing solutions to problems?

Do you have additional ways to stand out in a crowd? What has worked for you in your own unique situation?

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  1. Larry, you’ve always stood out in the crowd! Praise the Lord fo ryour GREAT testimony of Christ.

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