8 Steps To Wow People With Analytical, Yet Creative Solutions

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Dinner With Friends

Last weekend, my wife and I went out to dinner with some friends in our small group at our church. As we were talking with one of the couples, we were discussing some issues we were having at home with our kids and my solution to fix these problems.

The wife of this couple looked at me and said, “Larry, that’s so creative! It’s amazing to me that you have such an analytical mind, yet you can be so creative as well.” I laughed at her statement and simply said, “Well, that’s what happens when you’re able to use both sides of your brain!”

8 Steps To Release The Renaissance Mind

I completely understand that not everybody is (or can be) wired to use both sides of their brain. Not everybody can be highly analytical and highly creative simultaneously.

But, I do think that many people could develop this part of their everyday thinking. Here are 8 steps that have helped my own development in this area:

  1. Become intentional about it. Over the last few years, I have become increasingly intentional about developing both the right and left sides of my brain. Intentionality typically brings changes in anything you focus time and energy on.
  2. Write a lot. For me, the process of writing helps me get out all of the thoughts and ideas rolling around in my head. Keep a private journal. Write a blog. Sketch out an action plan. Jot down a “pros and cons” list. Whatever situation you may find yourself, get your thoughts down on paper or a computer screen!
  3. Read a lot. A lot of creative ideas are really recycled or improved ideas from other people. The process of reading books, pdf’s, blogs, websites, magazines, and newspapers on a regular basis will put these creative ideas into our brains.
  4. Keep a “tickler file” (or just use Evernote). In the old days, people used to make photo copies of interesting quotes, articles, stories, pictures, and diagrams and placed them in an idea folder called a “tickler file.” Today in the digital age, we now have a wonderful program called Evernote where we can digitally clip, tag, and save information for later use.
  5. Practice your talents on a regular basis. In order to grow and strengthen the more creative, right-side of your brain, practice any artistic ability you may have. Play an instrument, mold some clay, paint a picture, or take a dance class.
  6. Physical workouts. Being physically active and in great shape really does help your mental processes.
  7. Eat well. Associated with being physically fit is eating well. Ever heard of brain food?
  8. Practice creative problem solving. In our work lives and in our home life, we all have problems that need to be solved. Experiment with these problems. Practice developing multiple, creative solutions that are perhaps out of the norm, but get the job done and you noticed. Be unique.

How About You?

Are you a creative person or maybe more of an analytical one? Are you intentional about engaging both sides of your brain, the creative and the analytical parts?

Outside of these 8 steps, have you found any other helpful methods to engage both sides of your brain? Are you blowing people’s minds with your thoughtful yet creative solutions?

If so, leave us your ideas by posting a comment below.

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