Embracing The Discomforts Of Life To Live Your Best Life

wall-e-lounge chairsBut I Just Want To Be Comfortable

Have you ever seen the movie Wall-e? You may recall in the movie when Eva and Wall-e end up in the Space Luxuryliner, we discover all the humans on board have become lazy. They cruise around inside the spacecraft on these moving, floating lounge chair thingies with creature comforts like virtual video screens and drink holders.

While the second half of the movie is somewhat humorous with all these lazy humans zipping around in their floating lounge chairs, I believe there is an element of prophetic truth in this film. I can see this as a possible direction we’re heading as a society. Early evidence shows us that worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980.

Through modernization and technology, the world we live in is getting easier. And, as a result, no one wants to be uncomfortable. No one wants to put themselves out there. No one wants to commit to anything anymore. No one wants to really bust it and accomplish some amazing stuff.

The Discomforts Of Life Shape Us

How does a bodybuilder get definition and shape to their muscles? They lift really heavy weights, break down their muscle tissue and then take time to recover. The muscle will build up a little in recovery, and then they start the whole process again. Fitness freaks understand that the process of daily discomfort in the physical arena will lead to amazing results long-term.

And, it’s like this for any area in which we want to grow.

  • Spiritual: the discomfort of waking up early and being disciplined enough to spend time in the Word and in prayer in order to grow in our relationship with Christ.
  • Mental: the discomfort of being disciplined enough to grow intellectually through consistent reading, writing, and studying.
  • Social: the discomfort of carving out our personal free time to spend with family, friends, and business connections.

The only way we will “get into shape” in these areas of our lives is through experiencing the discomfort of the process. So, instead of avoiding the discomfort, we need to embrace it. We need to welcome any and all discomfort that comes into our lives, because this discomfort is our avenue of personal growth.

Are You In The Lounge Chair?

Where are you at today? Do you feel like you’ve been hanging out in the metaphorical floating lounge chair just a bit too much lately? Are you coasting by in life, avoiding pain and embracing pleasure?

Let me make a prediction here at the end of this post. The people who succeed today and into the future are those who are able to embrace the discomforts of life. The people who produce amazing results will be the ones who are disciplined enough to allow the daily discomforts of life to shape them.

Will you be one of these people?

Don’t allow the modern comforts and distractions of today’s society to make you fat, bloated, and lazy in the various areas of your life. Decide today to embrace your pain and rise above.

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