How To Build A Sophisticated, Yet Simple Life

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Does Sophisticated Equal Complicated?

Sophisticated. Even the word itself seems a little long and complicated to spell. What does it really mean, though?

The textbook definition from is:

  • altered by education, experience, etc., so as to be worldly-wise; not naive.
  • complex or intricate, as a system, process, piece of machinery, or the like: a sophisticated electronic control system.
  • of, for, or reflecting educated taste, knowledgeable use, etc.

If something or someone is sophisticated, does that really mean that it or they need to be complex? Maybe or maybe not. Let’s explore that question is this post.

Simplicity Is The Best Approach

The inspiration for this post came from a quote I ran across a few days ago. This was a statement made by the ultimate renaissance man:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Hmmm, what does Leonardo mean by that quote? Here’s my interpretation, especially for those of us now living in the 21st Century.

We live in a complicated world. We live with distractions all around us. We have social media notifications going off 24/7. We have multiple email accounts to check. We have voicemail messages to listen to and phone calls to return. We live in an information avalanche, and we’re constantly trying to dig our way out!

What if we went against the flow and created systems in our life that made our lives more simple and less complicated? Well, then, compared to the rest of the world, we would be more sophisticated than those around us. We would be the envy of our family and friends!

Here are three examples of life systems you could put in place to live a more simple, yet sophisticated life:

  1. Financial systems – Do a basic cashflow spreadsheet each month. Put all your bills on autopay. Pay off your debts as quickly as possible.
  2. Health systems – Eat out less. Eat at home, more. Cut back on the carbs. Eat more veggies and protein. Establish a regular 4-5 day a week exercise routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.
  3. Homelife systems – Clear the clutter. Live with more open space. Get simple, multi-functional, clean, modern furniture. Hire a maid to come through and detail clean your house for 2 hours every other week.

How Are You Living?

How’s your life? Is it really complicated right now? Do you feel like a complete mess?

Considering the examples of the life systems above, focus on one area at a time. Write down 5 steps you can take over the next month to establish one particular system. Work those five steps over 30 days and get that plate spinning. Once you feel that system is working well, then repeat the process for your next life system.

Focus on building better systems, especially ones with automation or assistance, that can lead to your living a more simple life. Through following this path of simplicity, you will achieve the ultimate sophistication.

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