How To Consume Even More Information Without Going Crazy

Photo by Mark Smiciklas

Photo by Mark Smiciklas

Higher, Faster, Louder

As the information age reaches maturity and complexity, we are now experiencing an avalanche of amazing as well as not-so-amazing content. We have a higher volume of information coming at us at faster and faster speeds, all shouting at us, “read me, listen to me, watch me!”

We have more social media channels to keep up with. We have more bloggers writing blog posts. We have more authors writing books. We have more podcasters producing podcasts. We have more media in general calling us to consume it.

The more I consider how much information is coming at us right now, the more overwhelmed I’m beginning to feel even as write this post. There’s a lot of great content out there that I’d really like to have more time to consume!

But, we only have 24 hours in a day. We all have busy lives. We have other important responsibilities to handle. We can’t just sit around and consume digital content all day and all night. Something has to give.

Here are some strategies on information consumption I have found helpful in this unique time in history.

Consuming More Information, More Efficiently

  1. Edit ruthlessly. Become highly selective, highly intentional regarding what information you do consume. You can’t read everybody’s blog. You can’t listen to everybody’s podcast. You can’t read everybody’s new book. You may need to do a little background work on whose information you are consuming, and who is currently creating “the best of the best” content that you should absolutely be consuming.
  2. Utilize RSS feed readers. Over the last few months, I’ve been building a nice collection of RSS feeds from various blogs in my feedly app. You can even organize the RSS feeds by category. For example, I have specific sections marked as business, writing, personal finance, travel, and leadership. With feedly, I find it very easy to flip through a lot of blog posts, quickly. If I really enjoy a particular post, then I’ll save it to come back to later.
  3. Listen to information while doing something else. I love to catch-up on my favorite podcasts when I have long drives. I can usually knock out a bunch of previous episodes during that time. I also enjoy listening to podcasts and other inspirational audio recordings while I work out at the gym each day. You can’t multi-task effectively on everything, but whenever possible, do it.
  4. Use digital readers. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I consume book/pdf information a lot faster on my Kindle or iBook apps then I do with regular paper versions. Most of the time now, if there isn’t a digital version available, I won’t even buy the book due to this very fact.
  5. Consume other content at faster speeds. You might benefit researching speed reading techniques and applying those general principles whenever possible. Another great tip I recently ran across is speeding up podcasts so you can get through the content a lot faster. If you have Apple products, then check out your Podcasts app. In the upper left corner, you should see a little white box that says “1x.” If you touch that box, you can speed up or slow down the podcast you’re listening to. I’ve found that 1.5x seems to works the best for me. I lose track of the speakers at the 2x setting.
  6. File away the best information for later use. Evernote is a great tool to tag and organize all the great digital content from around the web. So, you can always get into a new habit of scanning information online quickly, clipping it, and saving it to Evernote if you found the information even moderately useful. Then, you can find it and come back to it when you absolutely need it.

Question: How do you consume information quickly in this ever-increasing avalanche of information right now?

Book Review | Let Go by Pat Flynn

Let Go book by Pat FlynnLet Go Day

Today is Let Go Day. Here’s the info on this special day that Pat Flynn personally sent to me just a few days ago:

The event is going to be a blast. Let Go Day is a celebration of everyone who has ever Let Go, bet on themselves and pursued their own path. Here are all the exciting details.

What: Two-hour LIVE UStream Broadcast with me and special guests
When: Monday, June 17th (TODAY!) beginning 12:00 P.M. Pacific / 3:00 P.M. Eastern
Why: Because who doesn’t like a party?! 🙂
Who: You, your friends, and your future friends

I’ll be hosting the LIVE broadcast for two hours! My family may make an appearance. My Let Go team may make an appearance. And some special guests may make an appearance. We’ll talk about our Let Go stories as well as yours, if you share them with us. There will be a few ways to share your stories:

  • Via #LetGoDay Twitter hashtag
  • In the Ustream chat during the webinar
  • In the comments of the Let Go Day blog post on Smart Passive Income (coming soon!)

We’ll also be holding a giveaway every 15-20 minutes on the broadcast. We’re still finalizing the giveaways, but you can be assured that awesome books and gift cards will be included.

Let Go | The Book

This day is also a celebration of blogger/podcaster Pat Flynn’s first published book, Let Go. I had the opportunity to read Pat’s book over the weekend, and I wanted to share my insights to my readers on Pat’s special day:

  • The book is a super quick read! It only took my about 45 minutes to go from beginning to end.
  • The price point is excellent for a short book. $2.99 over at
  • Inspirational is the best word to describe Pat’s first book. I came away stoked and inspired to keep working on my own blog and various side projects I have going right now.
  • This book resonates with my message here on my blog: “moving from ordinary to extraordinary.” Pat has certainly done that in his life through building an awesome online empire!
  • I loved all the quotes Pat used for each chapter heading. Great quotes, Pat!

Here are some great life lessons I came away with from Let Go:

  1. Lesson 1: Things work out when you least expect them.
  2. Lesson 2: Great decisions can put you in front of great opportunities.
  3. Lesson 3: Hard work and dedication do pay off, over time.
  4. Lesson 4: Creating a blog is a great tool for the blogger himself to learn and grow.
  5. Lesson 5: Negative events (such as being “let go” from a job) can lead to amazing things. I’ve shared this same principle in my recent FREE eBook Moving From Broken To Superhuman.
  6. Lesson 6: Use times of life transition to learn and grow.
  7. Lesson 7: “This isn’t your fault. We’re going to be okay.” Life stuff happens, but things end up working out in the end. Keep the faith. Play the cards dealt to you.
  8. Lesson 8: Make smart financial decisions during a life crisis. I don’t know if Pat and his wife are Dave Ramsey followers, but they seem to know how to handle their finances, wisely. Love it!
  9. Lesson 9: Podcasts are great tools for personal growth.
  10. Lesson 10: Create mastermind groups of like-minded individuals.
  11. Lesson 11: Hustle, hustle, hustle.
  12. Lesson 12: Going back to school to get another degree isn’t always the best solution.
  13. Lesson 13: Family is the most important thing. Cherish your moments together.

Click on my affiliate link below to get this amazing, inexpensive, inspirational book on Pat’s life story. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

Let Go by Pat Flynn

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only