Moving From Broken To Superhuman: Your 5-Step Action Plan

Photo by Bindaas Madhavi

Photo by Bindaas Madhavi

My Life Fell Apart

In April of 2009, my life was blasted into a million pieces. I lost my identity as a husband, family man, Christian, and even as an ordained pastor.

I was handed a separation and divorce I simply did not want. I spent hours in prayer. People in my church prayed over me. I tried everything in my power over an 18-month time period to repair a marriage that was hopelessly over. No dice. I lost.

But, out of the ashes of destruction came a new work. New life was reborn out of the rubble of the past. Over time and with God’s help, I began Moving from Broken to Superhuman.

A 5-Step Action Plan

As a result of these incredible life challenges, I stumbled into a 5-Step Action Plan as I worked my way through my brokeness in search of healing. These five steps helped me regain my life perspective. They renewed my faith of what could be possible with God’s help and a lot of hard work.

Over the last several years, I’ve seen many people go through some major life challenges. Some are able to “walk through the fire” and not be consumed. They come out okay, maybe even better on the other side.

Others, though, seem to struggle through their difficulties. They can’t get any traction in their lives. They’re treading water and seem hopelessly stuck.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, how can one person emerge victorious from their problems, and another be stuck with little hope of moving forward? I believe my 5-Step Action Plan can give you the tools to move from defeat to victory.

This little ebook addresses the problems and the accompanying solutions. So, do you want to stay stuck where you are right now, or are you ready to move forward?

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Question: If you have read my e-book, what did you think? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it. Thanks!

How To Turn Personal Defeat Into A Possible Resume Builder

Photo by vcorne00

Photo by vcorne00

Always Be Trying Stuff

I believe you should always be trying different things. Learn the fine art of plate spinning. If you have an interest in something personally or professionally, then I think you should go for it. Possibly, you have an interest in a personal development class. Perhaps, you would really like to audition for a local theater company. Maybe, you would like to write a book.

Unfortunately, we will not always be successful in every activity we engage ourselves. There will be some victories as well as many defeats. We will learn new distinctives about ourselves. That’s normal and extremely good for us. We may even be able to turn some of those “try’s and fails” into great resume builders.

Let me give you an example from my own life.

One “Failure” That Helped Me Land My Last Two Positions

While I was a graduate student down in Florida during the mid-1990s, I found out about a conducting audition for the United States Air Force Band program. I was a conductor. I had conducted elementary, middle school, high school, college, and even civic bands and orchestras. I had great conducting mentors during both my undergraduate and graduate days. I was eminently qualified to audition for this prestigious position. So, I went for it.

The first round of the audition consisted of creating a quality VHS video tape (remember those?) of me conducting various ensembles. I vaguely remember finding someone to help me with the video editing process, and together we put together the best product we could. Then, I shipped that off to the band department of the United States Air Force in Washington, D.C. A few weeks later, I received a letter informing me that I had made it into the finals round of the conducting auditions. Yes, I was one step closer to a professional life achievement. Awesome!

The finals round of the audition required me to fly out to St. Louis , Missouri, at my own expense, and audition for the band at Scott Air Force Base. The actual finals audition had three parts to it. First, stand in front of the band and conduct them through 3-4 pieces. Second, take a written test to demonstrate my musical knowledge. Third, take an extremely difficult ear-training exam, to see if I could hear melody lines, harmonies, and chord changes, and then write that all down as quickly as possible! If my memory serves me correctly, I think I had about 6-8 weeks to train and get ready for these 3 tests before flying out to St. Louis. It was a challenging and nerve-racking time in my life, to say the least.

So, I made it out to Scott Air Force Base for the auditions and didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped. I kind of choked on the podium in front of these incredible Air Force musicians. Plus, the written and ear-training tests were extremely difficult. Within a couple of hours, the entire process was over. I didn’t even make it to the next round. Bummer.

But, what I did have going for me, even after that whole ordeal of the audition, was the fact that I did make it to the finals round of the prestigious Air Force conducting program. I could highlight this fact on my resume. And, when it came time to interview for both orchestra director positions at my former church First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale, FL as well as my current position at First Baptist Raytown, MO, both of my bosses had mentioned to me that this part of my resume was definitely a reason they chose me over other candidates.

So, the lesson I learned from this experience is always be seeking ways to turn your failures into success stories, some way and some day. Don’t give up. Keep trying different things until something sticks. You can do it!

Questions: So how about you? Is your life marked with a few failures that, while discouraging, have perhaps moved you closer to personal or professional victories? Do you have a unique failure to victory story to share with the community?

How To Increase Your Peak Performance

Photo by itupictures

Photo by itupictures

The best way to increase your personal peak performance is to focus time and energy on your unique abilities during your golden hours.

What Are Your Unique Abilities?

What makes you, well you? Why does your workplace pay you the big bucks? What specific activities make you (or could make you) a superstar at work? Have you even really given it much thought?

For example, if:

  • you’re a professional pitcher for a major league baseball team, then you get paid for throwing strikes and keeping batters from making hits and scoring runs in order for your team to win games.
  • you’re a car salesman, then you get paid for selling and leasing a lot of cars in order for the car lot to turn a profit.
  • you’re a CEO of a major company, then you get paid for leading the employees to make your company a lot of money.
  • you’re a nurse at a hospital, then you are paid to help patients get well quickly and enjoy their stay as much as possible.
  • you’re a teacher at an elementary school, then you are paid to help students learn the concepts they need to know over the course of 10 months in order to move from one grade level to the next.

Whatever unique gifting you possess that makes you indispensable at work, then you need to focus on developing those specific gifts to higher levels of peak performance.

So, in our examples above:

  • the pitcher needs to practice high performance pitching (and related activities) regularly and consistently.
  • the car salesman needs to study and practice the best and most current sales techniques.
  • the CEO needs to be reading, studying, writing, and reflecting on his leadership skills in order to grow in his abilities and lead his company to the next level.
  • the nurse needs to develop her bedside manner and stay current in the medical field.
  • the teacher needs to develop his teaching, motivation, and disciplinary techniques in order to move his students to the next level.

Whatever unique abilities you possess in your career, you need to focus on growing these abilities during your “golden hours.” This is how peak performers beat out all the competition and become the best in their field.

What Are Your Golden Hours?

The concept of “golden hours” are your peak productivity hours each day. For the vast majority of people, these best hours will most likely be in the early morning. But, there are many people who just can’t handle the early morning routine. They’re more night owl than early bird. I know several people who will never be morning people and who actually do their best work at midnight!

In my own five daily rituals, I attempt to accomplish my top three between the hours of 4:30-7:00am. These top three rituals (journaling, Bible study, and writing) require the most quiet time and concentration. Since I have a young family, it doesn’t happen every day for me, but I try to get this time in as best I can. In the remaining hours of my morning at work, I focus on the priority activities for which my church pays me to accomplish. These early and even mid-morning hours are when I am my most productive and creative.

Again, you know you. You know if you function best first thing in the morning or late at night. And, if you’re not sure, simply experiment. Try out one week in the early morning hours, and then the next week, do the midnight thing. Figure out which week you were more productive and go with those golden hours. Leverage that time to accomplish your priority activities with excellence.

Questions: Do you know when your “golden hours” are during each day? Have you ever experimented to determine when you are most productive? Do you know what specific skills you possess that makes you invaluable to your employer? Do you have some type of scheduling plan in which you’re doing your most important work at the very best time?

51 Must-Scan Blog Posts To Move Your Life To The Next Level

Photo by chrisinplymouth

Photo by chrisinplymouth

Blog Post List-mania

I don’t know about you, but I love me a good blog post list. I especially enjoy the ones you can quickly scan through for a few actionable ideas that can improve your life.

Well, this particular blog post itself is a scan-able listing of various blog posts of interest that contain hundreds of ideas that can potentially take your life to the next level.

These various 51 posts come from the following websites and blogs:

So, without further delay, here’s my list. Drum roll, please …

51 Must-Scan Blog Posts From The Blogosphere

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Question: So what did you think of this list of 51 various blog posts from the web? Do you have any specific blog posts or websites that you would like me to consider for an update to this particular list? Feel free to comment to this post and let me know!