The Secret To An “Easy” Life

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Press The Easy Button

You may recall the “Easy Button” commercials produced by the office supply chain store Staples over the last few years. Staples asserts that if you utilize their products and services, that you are essentially pressing a metaphorical easy button to accomplish whatever you need to in business and life itself.

Easy Doesn’t Happen Easily

But, easy doesn’t necessarily happen all that easily. Here’s what I mean.

For example, let’s take playing a musical instrument. If you’ve ever observed an extremely talented musician play their instrument, they seem to do it very effortlessly. It’s almost as if their instrument is simply an extension of themselves. In a strange way, the inanimate object and the human being have merged into one unit.

Or, take another example, a professional athlete. When you see an athlete playing their particular sport when they are “in the zone,” they are moving with extreme ease. Their movements seem very natural. You almost feel like you could accomplish what this athlete is, simply because they make it look so deceptively effortless!

The reality in both of these examples, though, is that the musician and the athlete have both worked extremely hard to get to this place. Through challenging themselves in the practice room or the gym, they were able to get just a little stronger musically or physically each time they practiced their craft.

Make It A Little Harder Each Time

If you want to get into shape physically, you have to push yourself beyond normal levels, three to four times a week. As you workout each week, you need to constantly be thinking about how you can “raise the bar” just a little.

I discovered this when I changed my workout approach a few months ago. Over the last year, I have been doing some moderate exercise at home, using inferior, home gym-type equipment. I felt as though I was just maintaining and not getting much stronger.

I happened to start working out in a gym while my wife and I were on vacation back in May. At that point, I realized what a quality physical workout feels like. I had a better understanding of pushing myself a little beyond my ability in the areas of cardio and strength training in order to get stronger. The weird part of the process – I liked it!

Life Application

If you want easy anything, you need to push yourself. I’m not just talking about working out either. This can apply to all areas of renaissance living: writing, playing a musical instrument, painting, sculpting, reading, and so on.

We all have mental limits we have placed on ourselves in every area of life. The people who have achieved great success in this life have figured out ways to push past those limiting beliefs into a better place. Their lives look deceptively easy, and they are easier in a sense. But, they had to push themselves past their limits in order to get to that next, easier level.

In what areas do you need to start pushing yourself past your own limiting beliefs, in order to reach that “easier” state?

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